Montag, 19. September 2011

The downfall of Lenin - Grutos park

Another surprising day in Lithuania. Due to a lack of information (due to the misspelling of my e-mail address) I was given another day all by myself. The other ladies spent the day in Vilnius, whereas I discovered Druskininkai area. Angry at first I made the best out of it and had an amazing day! I decided that there was no point in being angry and took the day as an opportunity to chill out. The weather was amazing, a wonderful autumnal day, perfect conditions to get out of bed and have a look around.

I got to Grutos park by taxi where I had a tryst with Marx, Lenin, Stalin and co. After the end of the Sovjet Union in 1991, the Lithuanian people decided to keep all the Sovjet sculptures, instead of destroying them, and put them in a park. I've never seen something like this before and according to the website of the park this is a unique installation in the former USSR countries.

The area has something depressing and intimidating. As it was a Monday, there weren't many people around and I found myself standing alone in front of a huge Stalin monument or an armed soldier, no one else around. Not a very cheerful perspective. I could literally feel the terror that the Lithuanian people suffered under Sovjet rule. Nevertheless, the forest area has something peaceful and calm as well. A bizarre contrast.

The downfall of Lenin...

... and his re-erection

The day ended with a bike ride and a glass of wine above Nemunas river and an interesting perspective on a spider.

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